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Our history

It is the story of a trip - mine - between my Ecuador and France. It is the story of a marriage of cultures, at the same time as a mad desire to transmit my traditions. And what could be more iconic than the panama hat, directly from my home town of Cuenca!

My idea is to take its elegant and timeless lines and give it a new breath by adding a few touches of color and modernity. At the same time, promote Ecuadorian know-how and support local communities.


After a wide variety of professional experiences, I wanted to create a project that is unique to me, a project that has meaning and that instills sense to my life. Panallama is a way to reconnect with my roots, to share my culture and to bring my values ​​to life.


I want to create more than a brand, I want to merge cultures and create a spirit of community!

- Daniel

Creator of Panallama

Visit our crowdfunding campaign to find out more about the history of Panallama!


A committed approach

Each Panallama hat is handcrafted in the traditional way in Ecuador. They are woven with "toquilla" straw, the surprising resistance of this raw material and its delicate touch allow the production of high quality headgear, flexible and allowing good skin breathing.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and practices are an integral part of Panallama. By supporting local communities and protecting their environment, we provide our artisans with a sustainable livelihood and visibility for their crafts internationally. Our hat-making process produces no waste as all remaining materials are recycled or used to make other products.

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