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Hat maintenance


Put away your hat

Do not leave Panama hats and hats for too long in the sun (rear parcel shelf of a car for example), or in a too confined place. "Toquilla Straw" is an organic material that needs a certain amount of humidity to keep and to maintain its flexibility. It is advisable to moisten your Panama hat at least once a year with a water spray and avoid pinching the cap of the hat with your fingers.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Cleaning and maintenance

If the hat does stain or become lightly soiled, a good way to clean it is with a pencil eraser or baby wipes. Never with water or alcohol.

If the wings warp when rising, a good strategy to restore them to their original shape is to use a steam iron while protecting the hat with a wet cloth.

Avoid water

Avoid contact with water. If something goes wrong, let it sit in the shade for as long as it takes for the hat to dry. Water or humidity will warp Panama hats.

Avoid rolling your Panama hat because the European climate (much less humid than the countries where it comes from) does not allow the straw to have its natural flexibility, so the hat would risk deforming or cracking.

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