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SKU: 1006

Genuine panama hat woven by hand. Classic shape with 6.5 cm edge and a blue grey burgundy striped band.

Color: Blue

Shape: Classic / fedora

Edge width: 6.5 cm

Ribbon: blue grey burgundy

Material: 100% toquilla straw


    Each Panallama hat is handmade in the traditional technique. They are woven by rural artisans with straw "toquilla", leaves from a palmiform plant called Carludovica palmata. The surprising resistance of this raw material and its delicate touch allows the realization of headgear of high quality, flexible and allowing a good breathing of the skin. The weaving of these hats can take up to twenty days per hat depending on the size and fineness of the straw. This artisanal process allows a natural variation that makes each hat unique.


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